Center Stage Interview



with Mark Gordon

On October 3, 2017, Edwin Wendler appeared on Center Stage with Mark Gordon to discuss some of his earlier scores, to announce the upcoming soundtrack album release of Christmas With A Capital C, and to premiere some tracks from the upcoming movie, Dead Ant.  Edwin had a blast!  Many thanks to Mark Gordon and to the Krakower Group for making this happen!

Center Stage Interview

Mark Gordon interviewed Edwin for his 1-hour live show, Center Stage with Mark Gordon.  Edwin had a great time answering questions about a wide range of subjects, including his three recent horror movie projects, the Vienna Choir Boys, the music of Jerry Goldsmith, the impact music can have in a movie, etc.  Many thanks to Mark Gordon, Ashley and Beth at Krakower Poling PR, and Peter Hackman!

Photos by Peter Hackman

Listen to some excerpts from the interview:

BSO Spirit Interview


Asier G. Senarriaga conducted a comprehensive interview with Edwin several months ago, and it was published on Edwin's birthday.  The timing couldn't be more perfect!  Edwin would like to thank Asier for the impeccably researched questions and for the opportunity to talk with him.  Special thanks also to Peter Hackman and Victor Kaply.

To read the interview in English or Spanish, please click:

Visions In Sound Interview

Robert Daniels dedicated an entire episode of his show, Visions In Sound, to the music of Edwin Wendler.  The show includes an interview (in 2 parts) and many cues from Edwin’s projects.

You can download the entire show here, or listen to the individual parts:


Part 3 includes “THE GOLD YOU SEEK” (Music by Mike Ator & Edwin Wendler / Lyrics by Mike Ator) and “ESCAPA” (Music by Edwin Wendler & Maximo / Lyrics by Maximo)

Many heart-felt thanks to Robert Daniels!  Visions In Sound broadcasts every Friday night / Saturday morning on FM 98.5 CKWR.