"Azureus Rising" Named 4th Best Score Of 2010

Robert Daniels of Visions In Sound named Azureus Rising the 4th best score of 2010.  Here is the complete list:

10. Predators – John Debney
9. Inception – Hans Zimmer
8. Last Air Bender – James Newton Howard
7. Halo: Reach – Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori
6. Human Target – Bear McCreary
5. Iron Man 2 – John Debney
4. Azureus Rising – Edwin Wendler
3. How To Train Your Dragon – John Powell
2. Tron Legacy – Daft Punk
1. Vampires Suck – Christopher Lennertz

It’s really an honor to be listed among those amazing composers.  Please, listen to Rob’s program which broadcasts each Friday night / Saturday morning on FM98.5 CKWR.


Edwin Wendler

Los Angeles, CA, USA